• review rating 0  This is the place for all things honey. Honey in many delicious flavors. All at reasonable prices. Strongly recommend!

    thumb Molly Grizzard

    review rating 0  I have had some health challenges for a while. A friend recommended honey because of its health benefits but I'm scared of getting adulterated honey that would make things worse even. Then I heard of a product from Amish Honey - Almond with Honey. Thank goodness! It has been a lifesaver.

    thumb Ronald Parker

    review rating 0  great assortment of honey, bee-related products. Recommend

    thumb Patricia Thomas
  • review rating 0  The honey was delivered in good condition and arrived pretty fast... The Honey has a mild fragrance and creamy texture..... This purchase is the 2nd time I ordered this product and will continue to do so! Good for a cold and sore throat, I recommend Amish Honey products to all!!!

    thumb Tom Narchotrigiano

    review rating 0  This is definitely my go-to honey store. They have all my favorite varieties from Almond blossom to Buckwheat to Clover and even Sage. Thanks for keeping them pure and unadulterated. I’m coming back soon.

    thumb Josh Milberg

    review rating 0  I love buying from them, and that is because they always offer me the best quality extremely raw clover honey. The taste is excellent like the one I grew up knowing. At fifty, Amish honey reminds me of my childhood days of eating raw honey. Enjoying my last purchase, thanks.

    thumb Yan Zhang
  • review rating 0  I’ve discovered Amish Honey to be a delicious honey brand for me. I put some in my and kids tea and to my homemade pastries. It gave a great little sweetness boost to everything I used it with. I got dried ginger with honey as my son had a cough that was not going away and guess what, I did help. It works better than any cough medicine! I love this product! Amish Honey is absolutely amazing!

    thumb Shereen Bar-or

    review rating 5  I was looking for a healthy alternative to sugar for use in coffee, tea and home baking, and researched the best honey to purchase. AND, THIS IS IT! First time I bought Buckwheat Amish Honey last year. This is the best honey I've ever had. Later I ordered Acacia and Manuka honey. Really raw and quality honey. It is worth every spent cent!

    thumb Karine Williams

    review rating 0  Purchased a jar of Dried Turmeric with Honey from Amish honey and am grateful that my kids and I now enjoy the many health benefits of this combination. My children avoided the turmeric but mixed with honey they love to eat it daily. Thanks for keeping my children healthy!!!

    thumb Kimberly McDonald
  • review rating 0  Awesome honey product store. They have a lot of variants of honey products. In case if you want to mix your honey with some kind of berries or nuts, you don’t need to do it by yourself, there is everything ready on the shelf of Amishhoney!

    thumb Hao Wu

    review rating 0  I am a lover of honey for over 25 years now. I use honey because of its medicinal function of improving health, especially in this cold season. I bought Siberian Honey Collection from Amish Honey, and I must say that it’s the best quality that can be found around here.

    thumb Mary Mangum

    review rating 0  The Manuka multi floral I purchased from Amish Honey was with excellent flavor and taste. I plan to buy more jars so as not to miss out from this quality product. I love the flavor, and my family is glad we can get quality honey, and I recommend to everyone.

    thumb Rebecca Webb
  • review rating 0  I love honey. I tried different varieties of honey, different production. I can say with confidence that the purest honey that I've tried is from Amish honey. They have pure and high-quality honey sweet and tasty. And most importantly over time, sugar doesn't appear inside. Amish honey has a large selection of different types of honey. Each one is delicious, now I can recommend this company to you because I checked the quality on myself.

    thumb Guillaume Lacote

    review rating 0  Honey with its medicinal properties including boosting the immune system has helped me stay healthy this winter season. I add honey to my lemon tea and thanks to Amish honey for the quality they sell. I have purchased much fake honey in the market, but Amish honey provided quality products.

    thumb Ellen Gugheim

    review rating 0  I love the unique flavor and taste of the Almonds with Honey that I purchased from Amish Honey. At 55 years of age, I find this product to be nutritious, healthy, and natural, just like what I was used to growing up. I recommend Amish Honey to everyone.

    thumb Mick Lane
  • review rating 0  I have been disappointed several times by peddlers of fake honey but thanks to Amish Honey, I now enjoy pure, unadulterated honey and honey products. My last purchase was their new Golden Honey, the taste is superb, and the aroma makes me add it to my tea and cereals.

    thumb Krystyna Sieradzka

    review rating 0  I really liked almond blossom honey! I like that it is 100% raw and it was pure honey. This product was super delicious! The packing was nice and delivery - fast. My kids and I both enjoyed it. Thank you Amish Honey for the opportunity to try it and I look forward to trying more honey tastes and honey related products in the near future!

    thumb Samantha Delgado

    review rating 0  Amishhoney provides us with a very great service! I’ve never thought there are so many different kinds of honey, and now I try a new one every other week. The last one I tried is buckwheat raw honey. It’s delicious, really. If you don’t know what to order – try that one. Highly recommend this company, they’re the best!

    thumb Jonas Sims
  • review rating 0  Amish honey is the finest I’ve ever tasted. I bought the almond blossom honey, and the taste is natural and pure. I love the aroma it gives when I add it to my tea. My children always want to add it to anything. Keep it up, guys.

    thumb Benjamin Klein

    review rating 0  I have enjoyed Amish honey’s fantastic clover honey for the past years. I am a regular customer, and I love their new products particularly Almonds in Honey. The taste and therapeutic effectiveness are amazing.

    thumb Jessica Kahn

    review rating 0  I got my first jar of Amish honey’s honey with strawberry last month and being a consumer of honey for over 40years I am pleased with the quality. The taste is natural and the aroma is satisfying.

    thumb Joseph Checkler
  • review rating 0  The taste of the Honey I purchased from Amish honey was excellent, just like the ones my mother used to serve growing up in the seventies. Their product is natural, and everyone should buy from them. Excellent quality and great value for money spent. I recommend it without any doubt.

    thumb Dustin Kaufman

    review rating 0  After wasting my money on several fake kinds of honey out there in the market, thanks to my friend who recommended Amish Honey, I am finally able to get quality Hazelnuts with honey for consumption. I enjoy the taste and the aroma!

    thumb Johnston Howard

    review rating 0  Wow! I’m still short for words because lots of stores claim they sell unadulterated honey but it is the same old story. Don’t judge this shop like others. They are true to their words. I wouldn’t look any other way than Amishhoney. I enjoin you to do the same.

    thumb Camilo Virviescas


  • review rating 5  A friend recommended Amish honey online store. And I decided to order spring honey and dried blueberries with honey, just to try it. My family was enchanted with delicious honey. We ate it very quickly. Delicious! Melts in your mouth with a sweet taste. Thank you very much phone consultant, you are truly professional. She told everything about the products in detail. Thank you for such quality honey.

    thumb Amrit Reese

    review rating 5  Placed my order online. I was contacted to confirm the order within an hour, the operator was polite and knowledgeable. Delivery is very fast and everything is well packaged, honey tastes delicious. The service is at the highest level. If you are looking for real and delicious honey order only at Amish honey.

    thumb David Wills

    review rating 4  Amish Honey is of superior quality. I have been using it for some years now, and it's nothing but amazing. Recently I tried the dried ginger with Honey, and it's my new favorite. The flavor and consistency are excellent. Very rich. Thank you.

    thumb Anthony Haynes
  • review rating 5  I like sweet things so you can understand my frustration when I discovered that I was diabetic. Since then I have been trying different natural sweeteners for my daily early morning tea. I eventually settled on Honey, and Amishhoney’s Acacia Honey Raw is my number choice for several reasons but mainly down to its sweetness and soothing texture.

    thumb Kerry Norman

    review rating 4  Dried Blueberries with Honey has been a revelation for me, health-wise, helping me to combat anemia, which was the reason I started taking it. The product has a nostalgic smell and it so tasty. I would like to try some other Amishhoney’s products like the Dried Strawberries with Honey while ordering another jar of my first love Dried Blueberries with Honey.

    thumb Emma Riley



I love your honey, thank you so much. I will recommend to all my family and friends


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